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Month: September 2015

Endless Summer

September in Madras is supposed to be the start of slightly cooler weather, and a bit of rain. Unfortunately for us, this month has just been like May all over again. Summer just seems endless, which means fashion choices involving anything skinny-fit/multiple-layered will have to wait […]

Apollo White Dental Celebrity Smile

Apollo White Dental Celebrity Smile

  Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the launch of Apollo White Dental Celebrity Smile, at the Sidney Sladen Spring/Summer 2015 Breakaway, at the Leela Palace.  With the Apollo White Dental Team at the event   Wearing Forever 21 maxi dress, H&M denim vest, […]

Casual Fridays, deconstructed

Today, I’ve deconstructed four menswear combinations for your next Casual Friday, along with the products to buy to achieve the look.

Dry Shampoo 101 + the RIGHT way to wear it

Full disclosure: I never have perfect hair. But I use dry shampoo to pretend. Here’s a 101.