Beauty Tutorials to help you #slay during Diwali


In case you missed it, I did a ‘get ready with me’ (GRWM) simple makeup look (with a focus on the eyeshadow) for Diwali last week, live on Instagram. Since then & during the livestream, I received a ton of questions on techniques, and information around makeup. Think of this post as an in-depth recap of all that I spoke about during the tutorial, and more, because this post is a compilation of simple, but stunning makeup looks you can recreate for Diwali. The YouTube creators featured below have amazing channels, where beauty is simplified and the techniques are explained & shown clearly. Plus, all the looks are versatile enough to fit any outfit you’ll wear during the festival – whether it’s a silk sari or a new dress.

A couple of important notes for all of you:

• If you’re experimenting with makeup for the first time, remember that you won’t get a perfect look off the bat. It takes months to figure out what technique works for you & to make it work for you, not to mention a lot of practice, time, and research. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t look exactly like the tutorial the first time around, or the second, or the 10th. We all start as novices. Besides, Instagram has filters, and people might have professional lighting for the photos, which sets unrealistic standards for us. So just do what you can, have fun with it! Makeup is meant to be fun.

• You don’t need to have the exact same tools and products to recreate a look. Do you have similar colors? Work with that! This may also affect how the final look looks but again, you can get the same finished look with different products, so focus on the color and technique used, over what brand/products they used.

So let’s get this list going! 

Golden Bombshell look by Lisa Eldridge

This look would work best with: ANYTHING! From saris to suits to even a western outfit, this is a foolproof look for all occasions.

This look is the most similar to the look I did on Instagram. Lisa is a true beauty guru, makeup artist & creative director of global luxury beauty brand, Lancôme. I am obsessed with her YouTube channel, and her techniques & approach to makeup are that of a true professional. Once you start watching her videos, there’s no going back. I could go on and on, but to summarise, if I had to watch only one makeup channel on YouTube, it would be hers, without question.

Date Night GRWM by Kaushal Beauty

This look would work best with: outfits that require a fresh faced look – such as your Diwali morning outfit. Hint of eyeshadow and very natural-looking foundation. 

While this isn’t as sparkly, if you’re looking for a fresh-faced, minimal glitter look, this is a great video to watch. Kaushal was one of the first beauty vloggers I came across, and I have copied her tutorials multiple times. She’s gorgeous & lovely to listen to, so I always feel like watching!

Side note, her approach to contouring, foundation, etc., is something I don’t follow anymore, as that is best suited for occasions like weddings, or where you’re getting professionally photographed, and want a flawless finish to your skin. I lean towards a natural skin look, and prefer my skin texture to come through, even if it has acne scars. You don’t have to follow a tutorial to the T, feel free to mix and match techniques.

Simple daytime look by Colourpop Cosmetics

This look would work best with: Ethnic/western wear which is on the darker side OR has shades of red in it. 

Did you know that red tones of eyeshadow are very flattering for Indian skin tones? I didn’t, until I tried a few looks myself. This video from Colourpop Cosmetics shows two looks based on red & pink tones, one for day, and one for night, using one of their palettes – a great way to show customers how to use the colours!

Feline Flick by Charlotte Tilbury

This look would work best with: Salwar suits, ivory/white clothing with hints of charcoal

Not looking for an eyeshadow look but still want to add drama to your eyes? Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeliner tutorial has got you covered. This tutorial adds that drama factor to your everyday winged liner, and makes it elevated, and perfect for festive occasions. Add a neutral lipstick and golden accessories and you are good to go! Also, don’t be afraid of mascara, it’s the true dark horse of your makeup kit.

Dark lip look by Lisa Eldridge 

This look would work best with: any deep red/purple/berry shades of clothing. 

Of course I’d feature two Lisa Eldridge tutorials! To provide you some versatile makeup tutorial options in this post, I wanted to give a tutorial where you could make your lips the statement. Have you shied away from dark lipsticks in the past? Take this as a guide to applying dark lipstick, as well as how to balance out the rest of your face with makeup so that the dark lips don’t make the rest of your face look sallow. 

P.S. this tutorial is eight years old but still perfectly relevant! 


And that’s all from me! Hope you liked this roundup of my favourite tutorials to try for Diwali. If you try any of these looks out, let me know by tagging me in your Instagram stories/captions, or drop me a DM.

Wishing you a safe, and wonderful Diwali with your loved ones. 🙂 

Header photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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