Brighten up: Beauty Hack

I don’t know about you guys, but waking up is not my favourite thing to do. And when you’ve had broken/little sleep, waking up for college seems to be a gargantuan task (ask my mother, who routinely switches the fan off in a bid to make me get up). It’s okay if I rush into college on some days looking tired.

But there are some occasions where you have to look presentable– maybe it’s an interview, or a presentation onstage. If you are devoid of sleep that night for any reason + overwork the snooze button, how do you put yourself together in a jiffy?

For this mid-week post, I’m going to show you an easy way to make your eyes look brighter– helping you fake 8+ hours of sleep. And you need only ONE product + TWO minutes.

You will need: 

  • A light, champagne-coloured eyeshadow (I used Virgin by Urban Decay, try any similar colour)
  • A gold eye-pencil




If using eyeshadow,


Step 1: Apply eyeshadow using a brush to the inner corners of your eyelid, following the line of your eyes.



Step 2:Use your fingers/eyeshadow applicator to blend out the shadow on the eyelid. Be careful not to overdo it. Only blend on the eyelid, and lightly in the inner corners.


You should get something like this!


Step 3: Add eyeliner, if you wish/have time.



If using gold eye pencil


Step 1: Apply the pencil to only inner corners of your eye, tracing along your upper and lower waterlines.
(waterline = the inner part of the eyelids, the lighter skin where eyelashes begin).
If you want to wear eyeliner, wear it before this step.



Step 2:That’s basically it.

Gold eye pencil can be used in a rush without much fuss, which makes it optimal for your late mornings. Both methods take less than a minute to execute, but the results are fantastic.

Another perk of this hack? You will be more photogenic. It opens up your eyes in a beautiful, yet subtle way, which makes a huge difference in pictures– whether front camera or DSLR camera.
And if you are worried about it being “too much” for any occasion, it is NOT harsh in real life 🙂 

I now swear by this for all days where I face a camera or a large audience. I love this little trick, it accentuates eyes well + is universally flattering.

So why don’t you try it out and let me know how it goes?

2 thoughts on “Brighten up: Beauty Hack

  1. Very useful especially office goers who doesn’t know the latest trend in market and applying procedures in short time.

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