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You’ve been air-drying your hair wrong…

Raise your hands if you’ve skipped your usual hair blowout due to lack of time, rushed out, and when you returned home, your hair was a mess of frizz.
I have a hack for that.

Skincare 101: Establishing a routine

Today I’m going to walk you through my skincare routine & give you ideas to establish one of your own, that addresses your skin type and works to clear any problems you might have.

Summer beauty hacks: An exhaustive list

Summer beauty hacks: An exhaustive list

Consider this your summer beauty hack list. From sunburn to sweat proof makeup, to perfect beach-y waves, I’ve got it all! Accessorise right:┬áKeep the sun out of your face with the right hat– it must have a cotton lining, and a wide brim. Forever 21 […]

How to organise makeup if…

How to organise makeup if…

(This post was a suggestion from one of my┬áreaders– yes, I HAVE READERS! And this sort of thing is happening! Hope you find it useful!) Five minutes before I have to leave for college, I ransack the overstuffed counter in front of the mirror, desperately […]

The best makeup on a budget

Ah, makeup. We all have different ideas and attitudes toward it but one thing’s for sure, we love a good deal when it comes to liners, palettes, and so on. I have rounded up some of the essential items everyone needs in their vanity– items […]