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Modern ways to wear Tulle Skirts

Modern ways to wear Tulle Skirts

On a whim of sorts, my sister bought me a grey tulle skirt from Jabong. She was having a phase where she loved them, and decided to spread the love to me. Needless to say, with a salwar-only dress code at college + not too much […]

A Summer outfit formula

A lot of people asked me why I wore this outfit, when it was burning outside. Honestly, I didn’t feel it at all. I did feel my makeup melting more than once, but regardless, this crop top (yes it is one!) was comfortable and the boat-neck […]

MUN Monochrome

I don’t know about you guys, but the last month was tumultuous for me in more ways than one. Apologies for the excessive gap in posts– it was quite stressful, and I did not have time to sleep, let alone blog. At the same time, I […]

Nature + Fashion, ft ShopSkipper (part 3)

So this is the third part in my ShopSkipper series (which you can explore here)! Why ShopSkipper? Because I am now an official blogger for them(!!). My job will be to feature stores in collaboration with ShopSkipper, and bring you the best of Chennai’s shopping scene— […]

Now featuring: The Blush Box (with Shopskipper): Part 2

Thanks to a tumultuous past week here, all systems and internet access have taken a hit. Chennai has overflowed with love and humanity, in response to the water, and it just reaffirmed my love for the city. Hopefully, we recover quickly, and rehabilitate effectively. So […]