This summer, I had a fantastic time: I visited Italy!

Over the next few posts, I’m going to bombard you guys with photos from Rome, Florence, Venice, Lake Como, and Milan. Stunning monuments, delicious gelato, and an unbelievably good-looking population… what’s not to love about the country?

It was a great vacation– the weather was good (most of the time), I saw my first Wonder of the World at Pisa (and took a tourist-y picture to boot!), ate more pizza than I could count, went on a gondola, and roamed cathedrals, bookstores & upmarket designer stores alike. I walked more than I ever have in my life, managed the entire trip in a carry-on, admired beautiful art that I can’t describe, and tasted Italian wine. The 10 days went by in a blur.

Plus, I managed to take hundreds of pictures! I’ve tried to present it a little differently– something like a journal-meets-magazine-editorial. So scroll through and enjoy!


Rome is where beautiful buildings are on every corner, where heritage meets modernity. It was everything I had ever imagined it would be.




Coral and denim is a new combination I chanced upon. I absolutely love it!








The Pantheon truly takes your breath away. Rome at night is beautifully lit, and a delight to explore.




Hat game on point.





Wearing: (1) Topshop dress, H&M jacket and tights, Sperrys Top Sider shoes, Thames (Bangkok) bag, Ray Bans, Tommy Hilfiger watch.
(2) Fame Forever at Lifestyle t-shirt, H&M trousers, Forever21 fedora, Skechers GoWalk 2. Jacket, sunglasses, watch, and bag repeated.

Where did you go on vacation? Tell me in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Buongiorno!

  1. Hey nice blog and post, more pictures will follow I suppose? what a coincidence I just got back from Europe too!
    Italy is beautiful!
    Spent two weeks in Germany/Austria and totally loved it. Check out my blog for some pictures although I am yet to write a detailed account.

  2. Nice pics! More to follow?! Italy is beautiful.
    Remember reading your posts since you were in 5th grade ?! ;–)
    Coincidentally I just got back from a holiday in Germany/Austria. :–) have some pics on my blog, need to write more.

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