Rain ready

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trench coat: Mango; Sweater: Marks & Spencer; jeans: forever 21; shoes: myntra; watch: tommy hilfiger

The weather today in Chennai is pleasant and rainy, a far cry from the sweltering heat. So I decided to make the most of it.

The cool thing about a trench coat is that it is one of the few pieces of clothing that combines form with functionality. Let’s face it, most of our clothing doesn’t hold up well in all situations. A trench does better across situations more often than not. Depending on the material, it can be a godsend in rain, cool temperatures- even snow.

This coat from Mango is designed for the rain. It also helps in colder climates because it’s very easy to layer over sweaters, shirts, jeans- you name it, this coat works with everything. No wonder it’s deemed a wardrobe staple by numerous magazines and websites. You can wear it with light wash denim and a white tee, a dress and tights… the possibilities are endless (just try searching on Pinterest!).

Green denim is tricky to pair. A black striped sweater or a white blouse work equally well, as does a spot of leopard print. I went with the former- a striped sweater that isn’t too heavy and doesn’t make you sweat. It remains functional as a sweater but isn’t plain and jazzes up the denim quite well.  Can’t go wrong with this- a wider stripe would work just as well, but they need to be white on black and not the other way around (a Breton is the other way around, as seen here). Add a coat and the outfit instantly looks more put-together. Shoes are practical, and they seem to hold up well against the rain.

Who says you have to compromise on style when there’s rain around?

4 thoughts on “Rain ready

  1. Great post Varsha! I have a similar coat and I usually do not fasten the buttons unless its really cold. The fact that I have to leave the belt hanging worries me and apparently, I have removed the belt. What’d you suggest?

    1. You could always remove it, or just pin it to fit on the loops. I think that could work, so that you can belt it if you wish and if you leave it hanging it won’t get pulled down to either side.
      Thanks! 😀

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