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Hello and welcome to Sundaze with Moderas, where I share top-of-mind thoughts, videos, links, interesting reads that I came across during the week, for you to read on your Sunday. They will primarily be centered around sustainability, fashion, and design, but it could be anything, really.  BTW, I’m trying out a new format, where I list a few things to try on your Sunday – to read, to listen, or to watch. Let me know if you like this format!

Is it because Women’s Day just passed us by that today’s list is full of women-centric recommendations? I don’t know, but I don’t mind. Even though so much progress has been made for women, there’s so much more left to be done. And for this edition of Sundaze, I have some badass women, women-centric businesses, a podcast that talks about women’s issues, and more. Surround yourself with some girl power.

One thing to read: The Politics of Pockets

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Raise your hands if you have ever sighed at the sheer impractical contraption that is the women’s pocket. This great article from Racked talks about the history of women’s pockets; the history is unsurprisingly rife with sexism.

To quote an article written about women’s pockets in the 1890s, “The pockets of the ‘New Woman,’ admirably useful as they are, seem likely to prove her new fetish, to stand her instead of blushes and shyness and embarrassment, for who can be any of these things while she stands with her hands in her pockets?”. Jokes on you, buddy, we can’t put our hands in our pockets because they’re usually too damn small!

Read the article here.

One thing to listen to: She Says She’s Fine by Dr. Munjaal Kapadia


If you have checked my Instagram stories recently, you will recall that I have posted about the podcast, ‘She Says She’s Fine’, which covers issues women face on a regular basis, but unfortunately, they are ones we don’t talk about openly.

From periods to sex to mental health, Dr. Kapadia (aka @scissortongue) is in conversation with remarkable Indian women in this podcast, getting their candid opinions on women’s health and wellbeing, and creating a safe space for women to just speak their mind.

I’ve been listening to this podcast as I get ready in the morning, and it makes me feel like I’m having conversations with an old friend. I highly recommend this podcast. Listen here.

P.S. the app I use for podcasts is Castbox.

One thing to watch: Jameela Jamil’s interview on Yahoo News

Do you know Jameela Jamil? Well, you should! She’s a powerhouse of an actress & activist, and my new girl crush. She also stars in the TV show, The Good Place, which I’d also recommend, if you’re a fan of Parks & Rec and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

In this interview, Jameela speaks about fighting the patriarchy, how she got involved in activism, and it’s just refreshing to hear an actress speak so openly of society’s standards for women and men, and her own issues of body dysmorphia and self-esteem. I LOVE HER. We need more role models like her.

One thing that’s in my cart: a summery white dress

My new habit is to add things to my cart & overthink about them. I know that I shouldn’t be buying things – my closet is overflowing and I can’t handle the laundry. But, there are some cute things that caught my eye recently and there’s nothing wrong with looking, right?


This week, I’m feeling light & breezy, and looking for a cute, white dress. Enter this Sui by Sue Mue dress in organic cotton and my favourite wrap silhouette. I love the brand’s new Granita collection, which injects colour into the sometimes dull world of sustainable fashion. Sue does fall in the more expensive brand range, but now that I own one of their dresses, I really believe in their ethos. Dress: Rs. 6,500 at Sui by Sue Mue

One brand to know: Tailor & Circus

Sustainable underwear has been a concept plaguing me – I have never been able to find an answer. Until now. An underwear brand that’s India-based, sustainable, AND their campaigns are body-positive and realistic? Sign me up.


Tailor & Circus caught my eye with their refreshing campaigns, but as I read more about their business model, their ethics, and their commitments, I can’t help but sigh in relief that such a brand exists. Their underwear is made primarily out of Lenzing Modal™, which is cultivated in a fully sustainable closed system on site in Austrian forests. Time to refresh my underwear drawer, I think.


And that’s all from me! Did you like this new format of a list? Let me know in the comments. And if you have any feedback/suggestions/inputs for next week, let me know as well.  

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