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Month: June 2015

Seeing rainbows

I am inspired by the colours of the rainbow- how it is a way of expression, and a sign of a powerful movement. I personally believe that wearing a rainbow (literally, figuratively, or on Facebook) is a way to celebrate both a momentous occasion for the USA, and the joys of colours.

Five rules for regret-free shopping

I think it’s time we made a conscious effort to not buy things that we’ll end up never wearing. Not only are we wasting space, we are also more likely to say “I have nothing to wear!”, while facing a stuffed wardrobe.

Como + Milano

Last stops, Lake Como & Milan. Let’s talk about Lake Como first. I have no words to describe how it looked. A large lake that forms the heart of the regions around it. The weather wasn’t the best, but the sights more than made up […]

City of Canals

Yes, we are still talking about my summer. Place #3 on my Italian vacation was the City of Canals, Venice. It is as beautiful as the pictures on Lonely Planet. The main mode of transport is by water taxi, and speedboat. All the little roads, and […]


Florence is where the magic is at. Heritage + modernity at its best.