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Month: July 2015

5 Fab Sale Skirts to shop now

If you’ve got some money saved up, here’s the time to spend it– on fabulous skirts that you’ll wear all year.

You’ve been air-drying your hair wrong…

Raise your hands if you’ve skipped your usual hair blowout due to lack of time, rushed out, and when you returned home, your hair was a mess of frizz.
I have a hack for that.

Skincare 101: Establishing a routine

Today I’m going to walk you through my skincare routine & give you ideas to establish one of your own, that addresses your skin type and works to clear any problems you might have.

All white everything: how to wear it

White can be a really tricky colour to wear. They can get a sad yellow if not taken care of, and are notorious for staining. But when done right, it looks chic, timeless, and perfect for every situation.

Six noteworthy Facebook boutiques

Featuring six Facebook shops today, that are a mix of new, and old stores, but all of them are noteworthy. From accessories to matching sets to tailoring, there’s something for everyone!