BeautyBlender Review

Alternatively: I spent a lot of money on a sponge, should you?


The BeautyBlender is this egg shaped sponge in hot pink. It’s supposed to be an “applicator that helps you achieve a flawless, streak-free makeup application.”

It’s also very expensive for a sponge that fits your hand. I got it on sale at Luxola, a Singapore based website, as a pack of two. But it retails at close to Rs. 1400. You can buy it here, but I would definitely recommend waiting for a sale.

So does it work to give you that flawless effect? I put it to test to see if it yielded the perfect base.

Products used:


  • Benefit The POREfessional (Primer)
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
  • YSL Poudre Compacte Radiance (Powder)
  • The BeautyBlender


Before using your BeautyBlender, soak it in water to saturate it, and squeeze the water out. The sponge will increase in size. Then towel dry until lightly moist (it should not drip, but must not be dry). Now it is ready to use. 


1. First, I used the Benefit primer all over my face to have a smooth base to work on, and control any oily sections of the face. This primer glides on skin like silk and leaves it feeling great- so it works standalone too.

(Tip: I also applied lip balm so that it would be a primer for any lip product I use later. Applying it in the first step helps it sink in by the time you get to your lips.)


2. Next, I shook my bottle of foundation, opened it, and tapped it on to the back of my wrist.


3. I used the tip of the BeautyBlender (the pointy end) to dip into foundation and applied it in a stippled (dabbed it in dots over my face and then blended) motion.


This is my face with one side done. You can see how well it has blended with my skin to give it an airbrushed look.


4. Repeated the same on the other side.


I was SO happy with the results! My face looked like it was airbrushed, yet it didn’t seem artificial. It covered up my spots and stubborn acne.

5. I used the broad side to sweep on my powder and applied the powder just to finish it up and to ensure the foundation stayed for longer. This powder is amazing as a finishing powder as it makes any dewiness matte.

The AMAZING thing about having a flawless base is that whatever you add to it, it will look amazing. Matte red lip and a bit of black liner, and you’re good to go! You could also just go with mascara and a light coral lip and you will still look great without your face being cake-y (foundation does that, but the sponge helps avoid it).


Best part? Flawless selfies, regardless of the light setting. #nofilter it is!

Bottom line: I definitely recommend owning the BeautyBlender as it offers amazing coverage with your foundation and an airbrushed finish. I think it can even be used just with concealer to cover up any discolouration or fading acne. I LOVE how this product makes my skin look and if you ever spot it on sale, don’t hesitate. It’s worth every penny.

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