Can a shampoo work miracles?

Except for a brief period in first grade, I’ve always had long hair. I’d go so far as to say it’s become a part of my identity. But as stress, academics, and growing up happened, the condition of my hair quickly deteriorated.

Currently, my hair is weak, dry, and prone to breakage. I’m always on the look out to solve this issue — whether it’s trying (and mostly failing) to take multivitamins, eat more green leafy vegetables (this I do), or a complete switch of products.


When it comes to new products, I’m always a bit skeptical of ones that claim to work miracles. Let’s be clear, no shampoo can completely save your hair, and you need a good diet + practices to keep hair healthy. But to an extent, shampoos can help not make things worse. And that’s what I was hoping for with Pantene’s new shampoo.

The main questions I have for any new product are:

  1. Will it make existing problems worse? I possess a dry scalp, anything exacerbating that condition (after an initial period where the scalp gets used to it) is automatically rejected.
  2. How much of a difference can I feel? Does my hair look good, and feel better to touch?
  3. How long do effects last? Is my hair showing results with more frequent use? The more effort I might have to put in, the less I’m inclined to it.

So how did Pantene fare for these questions?


I took a 14 Day Challenge to use Pantene whenever I washed my hair. This amounted to about 5-6 uses where I used the shampoo and conditioner. I also used another shampoo for comparisons between the two.


The results? The first use with the shampoo left me with hair that felt nicer and more voluminous without being fine (dare I say, thicker?). Next few uses, I saw that the amount of hair that I lose while taking a shower did reduce – which was a relief. And it did not make my dry scalp worse during the testing period.

The sample shampoo I used didn’t visibly make things worse, neither did it work a miracle. My hair didn’t look/feel as nice with it.


Conditioner on thin hair did weigh it down and reduce how the shampoo made my hair feel, so I recommend skipping conditioner if you have thin, fine hair.

Has it changed my life and stopped my hair fall? No, of course not. But for what it’s worth, it makes your hair look healthier, and feel less brittle & prone to breakage (at least for four days maximum).

Would I recommend it? If you face similar issues, you have nothing to lose. In 14 days, I was impressed by even these results.

In conclusion, hair that looks good, feels good.


Disclosure: I was sent the new Pantene shampoo + conditioner as part of a product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene . All opinions are my own. 

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