Your next skin saver is…

Post exams, my skin is a wreck. Thanks to the long nights, stress, and absent-minded picking of the skin, I’m usually left with new acne and stubborn acne that was disappearing but now decided to stick around for a bit. Plus, the general fatigue around this time leaves me and my face looking and feeling dull. As a person who takes great pride in her skin, this stresses me out even further. 
So I did what any regular person would do: Google. And I found a really easy way to soothe your skin as well as care for it, with just one step. And it doesn’t smell like a salad (cough, apple cider vinegar).  

The humble rose water has been around for a long time, and has been a part of beauty routines for ages. This is the beauty potion you didn’t know you were missing. Known as a multitasking miracle, it has so many uses that a bottle will probably run out before you know it. And if that’s not success of a beauty product, I don’t know what is. 
I picked up a bottle from Khadi (while Navratri shopping, no less), and ever since, I’ve used it as a toner at night, post washing my face. Apply some rose water on a cotton ball & swoop over your skin. 

What does it do?

— reduces inflammation: pesky, irritated, angry skin be gone. It hydrates and soothes your skin, and helps your acne clear up faster. Plus, it’s so gentle! 

— smells like a dream 

— sinks into skin quickly, leaving it feel fresh 

— removes traces of makeup (yes, even your most stubborn kajal can he removed with no fuss or irritation

I’ve been using it every night, and my skin feels wonderful, following up with an overnight treatment. So go ahead and pick up a bottle, but make sure there aren’t many preservatives. Pure rose water is your best bet. 

Other miscellaneous uses: 

— after-shave treatment: if you take a razor to your face, you might wanna try this

— add to a bath for a calming soak: perfect for this weather

— makeup refresher/midday pick-me-up: buy a small spray bottle and pour some rose water into it for hydrating your face on the go without messing up your makeup. 

— use as perfume by spritzing on your wrists and at the back of your neck for a subtly lingering scent. 

— mix with more Khadi goodness! How about a herbal Haldi Chandan powder face pack mixed with rose water instead of regular H2O? I’m told it’s fab for irritated skin in need of clearing. 

No matter what the use, I guarantee an irreplaceable spot for rose water in your arsenal. And at ₹90 for a 210ml bottle at Khadi, it’s a fair trade + budget beauty win. 

Semester skin, meet your match. 

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