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Alternate titles: YouTube for when your internet works at a reasonable speed/Beauty to binge watch

Today I wanted to feature some of my personal favourite YouTube beauty channels. To be honest, I don’t use YouTube much because after a point, the video automatically begins to buffer at 144p and there is no point in continuing- especially when it’s something like a beauty tutorial/Adam Levine. So, here we go! Bookmark this for when your internet is fast again- I understand.


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1. The professional: Lisa Eldridge 

Her introductory video is enough to impress; as a makeup artist, she has worked with supermodels, actresses and has an impressive portfolio to her credit- Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Cara Delevigne (the supermodel who popularised thicker eyebrows) to name a few. Her channel has tutorials to help recreate numerous cover page looks as well as more general makeup tutorials such as a classic smokey eye and easy 5-minute makeup. Here is a great video by her on no-makeup makeup- she has great tips and clear instructions (and a British accent).

2. For the hair: Luxy Hair

Run by sisters Mimi and Leyla who have a hair extension business, Luxy Hair has tons of videos for all sorts of hair types- including for bad hair  days. Easy to follow instructions and twists (pun unintended) on old favourite hairstyles. I love almost all of their videos and they don’t lie when they say the hairstyle is “easy”; it truly is. There are even tips on helping your hair grow and remain healthy. I love this party hairstyle video- the three looks are pretty simple and look really good.

3. The everything girl: Kaushal Beauty

I just discovered Kaushal Beauty and I am hooked. She has wonderful makeup tutorials that are simple to follow and cover a wide range of occasions. Whether it’s a party or a wedding, she has a tutorial for it. Plus, she also has videos on recreating celebrity red carpet beauty looks, such as those of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor at Cannes. I love her Indian Wedding guest tutorial (below).

4. For your basics: Goss Makeup Artist

Goss Makeup Artist leans towards the professional side of beauty. But his techniques are really great and very useful. He has entire sections devoted to contouring, pro tips, and basics. I loved how he uses one brush for the entire face (below). And his tips aren’t run of the mill beauty hacks- they are different and I can’t wait to try them out sometime.

(By this time in my post, my internet began to buffer videos at 144p)

After a point, there’s only so much beauty tutorials that are different. Each have their techniques but the content isn’t too different. I do like Charlotte Tilbury’s Cat Eye tutorial, it’s a really great cat eye and an unconventional one at that.

I could survive with these YouTube channels for my dose of beauty and hair tutorials. And I think these videos have numerous ideas that we can easily implement with our own makeup. I for one do use makeup when the situation demands it and I really like to. It truly makes a difference, plus it’s fun to play around with. Embracing the natural look is great, but sometimes you need a little more. So if this is your foray into the makeup world, welcome.

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