Apollo White Dental Celebrity Smile


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the launch of Apollo White Dental Celebrity Smile, at the Sidney Sladen Spring/Summer 2015 Breakaway, at the Leela Palace. 

With the Apollo White Dental Team at the event

  Wearing Forever 21 maxi dress, H&M denim vest, Mango sling bag, Zara sandals, Hilfiger watch. 

Apollo White has always dealt with my orthodontia– I had braces for four years and let me just say their services are brilliant! My smile has completely transformed, along with my jawline. I am incredibly happy with how my face looks right now. 

A smile transforms your appearance so much. Post orthodontia, the self-confidence that I had was quite high. They were right when they said a smile is the best accessory a person could wear. You realise that when there is such an evident transformation.

Apollo Celebrity Smile is a new product by the Apollo White Dental Spa; it’s a novel, non-invasive technique that gives you the smile you want without going under any syringe.

As a person who resorts to coffee more often than she would like to admit, I can safely say that my teeth aren’t always in tip-top condition, as far as colour goes. This is where Apollo White Dental Spa comes in.

Celebrity Smiles are tailor-made, removable veneers- like a top coat for your teeth. They are like fake teeth but they go right on to your existing teeth, like a cover. They are made to fit your mouth and give you the smile you want without any invasive surgery.

When I learned about the product, I personally thought it was a stroke of genius! It definitely saves us the trouble of frantically booking whitening appointments/DIYing teeth whitening a day before a big event. It’s also a long term investment- you can use it multiple times. It’s incredibly flexible, and thin, while looking natural. Plus, if you have fear of drilling and syringes, this eliminates the need for all that completely!

This will be especially useful for those who have loss of tooth structure or gaps in their teeth.

So head to the Apollo White Dental Spa on Khader Nawaz Khan Road and check it out yourself, for perfect smiles sans the pain.

Reach out to the Apollo White Dental team for more–

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 This post was written in collaboration with Apollo White Dental Spa. All opinions are my own. Thanks to the Apollo White Dental team for extending their invitation to me. 


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