Casual Fridays, deconstructed

I figured it’s been a while since I published a menswear post, so today we’re going to talk Casual Fridays.

I think always dicey where “semi-formal” or “business casual” is considered. Are jeans a part of it? Do I have to wear a tie anyway? What about shoes and belts? To answer these questions, I have four outfits that even the strictest HR won’t have a problem with (I think). I’ve deconstructed four combinations that are classy + timeless, along with the products to buy to achieve the look. Plus, these will work for any semi-formal occasions you attend.


Can we take a minute to appreciate how great this outfit is, while being simple? Powder blue is a classic colour that should be in everyone’s wardrobe, irrespective of gender. It’s universally flattering + versatile. Here, the cool blue is given some warmth with light brown chinos. The brown is played off with dark leather accessories- a belt, watch, and shoes (shoes must match belt). Add a fun striped knit tie- knit gives off a less formal vibe than your regular silk tie- and you have
nailed casual meets formal. (outfit photo from

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Cool blues are also a safe combination to reach for. A subtle print like a gingham check is suitable for the office without being boring. Beige khakis ensure the shirt isn’t bogged down. The neutral palette is livened up with bright blue loafers- vibrant colours can work for a formal setting if you wear them right. Emphasise the cool tones by adding a silver accent–
a chunky watch. (outfit photo from

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A white shirt is one of those essentials for everyone’s wardrobe. One of my favourite ways to style a white shirt? Dark jeans + a pop of colour. That doesn’t change when you’re dealing with male fashion either. Dark straight-cut jeans (please, no skinny jeans) and a crisp white shirt tucked in is effortlessly stylish. Experiment with collar styles- the slim Mandarin collar is more flattering than you think. Deep brown belt + shoes echo the dark jeans. Add a touch of red with a watch (stick to analog, though), or with a pair of funky socks, and you have an outfit will take you from office to dinner.
(photo from the J.Crew catalog)

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Thanks to the labelling of pink as a “feminine” colour, not too many guys experiment with it– which is a shame because it’s a lot more flattering than you’d think. A pastel pink shirt rolled up + a light cream pair of chinos is a failsafe combination. To counter the lightness out of the outfit, accessorise with dark leather. A woven belt adds interest, while a pair of
Ray Ban Clubmasters ties the whole outfit together.
(photo from

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And there you have it. I hope this demystifies Casual Fridays/Business Casual for you.
Hope you found this post interesting! Let me know in the comments if you want me to do more menswear posts.
This was written at the request of one Mr.Ashwin Ravichandran. Thanks for the idea! 

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