The essential: a white blouse

A great wardrobe has a set of classic pieces that will never go out of style. One of those is the white blouse. The reason it is such an essential is that it works with almost everything (if not everything). Colours, styles, looks, it transcends everything and helps you look good with least effort.

I bought one a few weeks ago and I am waiting to wear it (busy week and I lost track of the days). Today, I have some inspiration to convince you to go and buy a white blouse.

My pick: Mango Essential Chiffon Shirt


While choosing a white blouse, I suggest you go for polyester/chiffon materials and not cotton. This makes your blouse more of a flowing, easy to wear item than an office-only white shirt. 

Now for the convincing. How do you wear a white blouse?

1. With blue jeanswhiteblouse1

This is my favourite way to wear them. It’s casual, yet elevates a simple pair of jeans. I prefer lighter blue jeans in this case to keep the airy feel of the blouse but it would work with any wash. Wayfarers, classic watch, and flats = everyday chic.

2. It’s the perfect backdrop for a pair of statement shoes


Photo via WhoWhatWear

All of us have bought pairs of impractical yet stunning shoes that aren’t the kind to go with anything- it’s the thing we start to regret, sometimes. But a white blouse and jeans/trousers can be taken up a further notch with shoes (even flats) in a dazzling colour and great details. It’s a perfect look for a party- all eyes on you (and your feet) without the commitment to a dress.

3. Sequins? Yes please.


Did you buy a sequin skirt on sale? It’s fine, wear it with this when you don’t feel like topping it off with a tank top. Party game taken to the next level. Alternatively, if you want to buy a sequin skirt, now’s the time.

4. Channel Emma Watson


Photo via The Daily Mail

Emma Watson wore a white blouse with a grey maxi skirt to a royal dinner at Windsor Castle and looked as perfect as she always does. We can try too.

5. You can make it formal…


Monochrome is always a good idea. I love the perforated bag- it adds a little edge. Also, high waisted trousers that fit well can make your legs look very long.

6. Or casual


High waisted trousers not your thing? You can wear it with jeggings, flats and a daytime bag too. This could work for college if your blouse isn’t too sheer and is long.

7. It’s a love affair with coloured denim waiting to happen

whiteblouse9 whiteblouse6

Red or green? Maybe royal blue, or even hot pink, a white blouse is a fail safe.

8. White on white was never easier


White jeans + white blouse + tuxedo inspired shoes + classic red lip. I can’t wait to try this some day!

Hope you liked this post. Which was your favourite look? Tell me in the comments!

(All photos via Pinterest unless otherwise specified) 

5 thoughts on “The essential: a white blouse

  1. Hi Varsha,

    These are killer combos! And boy, is Emma Watson sophisticated or what?!

    I have a stupid question – I am always confused as to what should be worn under these thin, semi-transparent shirts? Being a South-Indian, I guess you would understand ;-). Can you tell me whether wearing a camisole is good enough (should it be white / pink / beige / black)? Or is a camisole a fashion faux-pas and hence, one should just choose the undergarments carefully?

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    1. Hey! Thanks so much! Emma Watson always has me sighing *sigh*. She is perfect.

      Haha I totally understand the confusion. Semi transparent/translucent blouses are best with the same colour tank top/cami and also a strapless bra in the same colour/nude so that there isn’t a clash of straps. So, white blouse + white tank, black blouse + black tank, etc. Maybe when we get more adventurous, we can experiment with layers, but for now I stick to this fail-safe.

      But when it comes to white tees (which are so tricky because they can be see-through), a nude strapless bra is best.

      Hope this helps! Thanks again for reading 🙂

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