5 Fresh Colour Combinations to try

As far as India is concerned, it’s always festive season– there is no dearth of celebrations through the year. But come December, and Chennai breaks into Margazhi. Concerts galore, and canteens overflowing with filter coffee and sweets. It’s my favourite time of the year.

The deal with Indian festivities is that there’s a lot of colour. And it can be daunting to figure out new combinations. Sometimes, colour choices end up being regular, nothing new. Which is why this post is going to focus on five fresh colour combinations that work beyond festivals, inspired by real outfits. So scroll on!

1. Violet + Orange + Mustard
photo via @sonamkapoor’s Instagram

Trust Sonam Kapoor to wear vibrant and unexpected colour combinations. I would not have believed in this mix of colours, but it works. Violet and orange, with a dash of mustard make for a unique outfit, that is memorable and festive.

2. Nude pink + Burgundy + Brown
photo via @deepikapadukone’s Instagram

Colours like burgundy and brown are considered “vampy” but when worn with a nude shade, become quite wearable. The rose gold & mirror embellishments add a glamourous, grown-up touch to the outfit. If you’re looking to go for a mature look, I highly recommend this. Deeper lips and brown-toned makeup complete the look.

3. Light blue + Mint + Baby Pink
photo via @deepikapadukone’s Instagram

Pastel shades play off each other beautifully. Light blue and mint always work well, while the dash of baby pink breaks the monotony.
Pearl-embellished accessories and a fresh, highlighted face make the entire ensemble easy on the eyes.

4. Green + Purple + Gold
photo via Pinkvilla

Green, purple, and gold are a match made in heaven. Just like the violet + orange combination above, this is unconventional, yet 100% chic and would work for any occasion, even if the colours are combined in western wear. The geometric gold necklace & embellishments tie the entire outfit in together. I’m bookmarking this for future reference.

5. All cream everything | Nude + Beige + Ivory
photo via @therealkarishmakapoor’s Instagram

It’s very uncommon to wear all of one colour/similar shades of the same colour when it comes to festivals, which makes this a combination to try. Complementary colours are a fail-safe, & whites are an elegant breath of fresh air. Pair with a braided up-do and simple accessories.

These sisters can do no wrong.

Sibling goals, everyone. photo via @therealkarishmakapoor’s Instagram


Which combination did you like the best? Tell me in the comments! 


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