A button down uniform


Shirt- UNIQLO; Jeans- Levi’s; Bag- ASOS; Necklace: Westside; Shoes: Myntra; Midi rings: Forever 21; Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

Most fashion websites & blogs emphasise on creating a uniform for yourself; an outfit that you can wear for anything and with anything, without too much thought. I agree with them.
You’re probably thinking “this girl isn’t even fashionable I mean anyone can put together a button down and denim outfit”. You’re probably right. I can’t point out anything different about this. But that’s why it’s called a uniform. It’s the kind of outfit I can throw on for any occasion- lunch, dinner, brunch, back to school- you can swap out the necklace with anything; you can wear the button down in different ways- tuck it, half tuck it, keep it slouchy; replace the jeans with trousers (more on these later).

It’s the kind of outfit that’s easy to wear, yet looks like you’ve made an effort- which is basically what everyone wants to achieve. An outfit that you can say with a nonchalant wave of your hand that you threw it on last minute and modestly shrug like it’s no big deal.


The thing with putting together a uniform is that it is really simple and it saves a ton of time when you open the doors to your closet and go “I have nothing to wear”- which is basically everyday. A simple linen shirt (I love the ones at UNIQLO, I’d buy one in every colour if I could) looks put together yet not stuffy at the same time, thanks to its relaxed fit. Jeans or trousers would work with this shirt, depending on what you’re more comfortable in. A light pastel pink bag to carry a wallet and phone, my watch and a necklace just because- I love adding details. And nude flats for comfort and because my friends complain I’m too tall anyway.

You can put together a uniform (or uniforms!) for yourself to make getting ready so much simpler and fuss free. Choose pieces that are easy to substitute on days when your original selections are not washed/ironed. I think it’s important that you wear what you like and what you think looks good on you and try to establish a base you can work around. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A blouse and a pair of trousers is the simplest starting point. If you’re a skirt person, try a maxi skirt and t-shirt paired with either a great stack of bracelets or delicate layered necklaces. If you live in t-shirts and denim, that’s great! Experiment with striped tees (bold or thin stripes) and coloured denim for a change. Harem pants? Try palazzos (yes, they’re flattering).

There’s truly something out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding it and making it work.

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