All white everything: how to wear it






Zara top, Calvin Klein Jeans denim, Asos shoes, Charming Charlie necklace + earrings

White can be a really tricky colour to pull off. They can get a sad yellow if not taken care of, and are notorious for staining, which makes us stash them at the back of our closets, never to see the light of day. But think again about them– when done right, it looks chic, timeless, and perfect for every situation.

An easy way to wear one colour all over is to mix texture, and silhouettes. Here, there’s an exaggerated waist, also known as a peplum waist– see how it flares out? This is a tricky trend (and can look dated but who cares about trends). But it adds an unexpected twist to an otherwise typical top + skinny jeans combination.

I’m also a huge fan of adding pops of colour to every single outfit. This necklace which I’ve worn before on the blog is simple enough to not take away from the all-white elements, but colourful enough to be noticed.

To add a play on the yellow in the necklace, I added a pair of bright yellow pumps. I don’t know about you guys, but I love these shoes– they’re not too high, and are conversation-starters, if anything. Asos has some fantastic shoes but they now charge duties so that’s a little unfortunate for us 🙁

Hope you had a great weekend + have a great week ahead!

4 thoughts on “All white everything: how to wear it

  1. Terrific fashion sense. Reminds me of the quote “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication.”
    What is the name of the model posing here? And what is moderas? A play on ‘Modi’s era’?!

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