Birthday weekend!

The great thing about having a birthday that’s close to internationally celebrated events is that you almost always have holidays then! This weekend has been fun, with a trip to Pondicherry with my parents on Friday, a dinner with family on Saturday and my birthday on Sunday. Instead of text, I’m going to recap with pictures! (also, testing an unobtrusive watermark for the travel pictures).

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Little cafe that I saw on Lonely Planet and we decided to take the plunge. Amazing pizza! It’s near the south side of the beach.

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French architecture? Don’t know. But it was gorgeous.

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Another success from this trip- Baker Street at 123, Lal Bahadur Shastri Street.

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Beautiful decor and amazing croissants. Buy their jams sourced from Auroville! I bought the Strawberry-Mint-Chicko jam.

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Short stop at Mahabalipuram.

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Ombre cake! A lot of buttercream but it tasted great.

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Blazer and midi rings: Forever 21; Dress: Westside; Watch: Tommy Hilfiger; Tights: H&M; Shoes: Aeropostale

Three things I learned from this outfit:

1. Black and white never goes wrong but adding a stripe (or a bunch of them) keeps it from becoming monotonous.

2. Wearing a blazer draped over your shoulders is actually a very chic way to wear an over-sized one. But it’s also a little hard to move your arms. You can keep them folded but that’s about it. Nevertheless I will definitely be doing this more often.

3. You can wear sneakers with dresses. I would’ve named this post Pumped up Kicks because these glittery shoes are one of my favourite pairs ever! And since the glitter isn’t over the top (OTT), they lend a casual (not to mention comfortable) vibe to the dress and blazer.

My red lipgloss (Fire by Revlon) wore off a little because I ate but it was pretty striking and it is becoming a fast favourite!

Once again, happy new year everyone! Keep reading, and thanks for being here so far!

2 thoughts on “Birthday weekend!

  1. Just discovered your blog though I was looking you up now and then on IG via Lavanya’s IG :-). Love your posts and you are such a pretty and well-turned out girl :-).

    A request – can you kindly do a post on your hair care routine? I have hair almost as long as yours but I am really struggling with it since it gets tangled badly (near the nape of my neck esp.) and is really dry. Also needless to add, hair fall. Maybe some tips from you could help me :D? Thankeeee!

    1. Hello! Haha, my sister manages to give me publicity too :p Thank you so much 🙂 And well, I struggle with hair fall too (the pain is real). I will try to, though!
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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