Black and white

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Blazer: Forever 21; Shirt: Fame Forever at Lifestyle; Jeans: Calvin Klein Jeans; Shoes: Bata Bangkok; Watch: Tommy Hilfiger; Midi rings: Forever 21

I never like to keep outfits restricted to a t shirt and a pair of jeans. I think it can always be elevated. And sometimes, an outfit of just two pieces seems a little dull. But because we live in a city like Chennai, adding layers to an outfit is almost always out of the question.

Sometimes though, you can manage without roasting alive. The trick is to keep the layers light and simple. Here, I’m wearing a cropped blazer made out of polyester and a cotton t shirt, paired with denim and low heels, and a red lip.

The cropped blazer (a great birthday gift) adds a little edge to an otherwise standard monochromatic combination. The power shoulders are my favourite feature- it’s an unexpected detail that pairs excellently with many dresses.

These stripes in particular- known as Breton stripes- are increasingly becoming a wardrobe staple around the world. It’s very versatile, flattering and easy to style (& to think I picked this up for 400 rupees, what a steal!).

White jeans are refreshing and pair well with sorbet colours. I believe it brings a lighter feel to a linen shirt than a pair of dark wash jeans could ever hope to. And in this scenario, it makes the outfit look less like a matching suit set and more minimal and modern. I would suggest a pair of white jeans as a great investment because they are flattering (contrary to popular belief) and white-on-white outfits are very on-trend. Also, a skinny fit is good for white denim. Oh and no rips, please. Unless you’re one of those people who can pull it off without looking disheveled- in which case, power to you.

Red lips are one of the trickiest beauty looks to exercise. There’s a phobia with respect to trying it out and succeeding. Pairing it with outfits requires a good deal of discretion. But you can’t go wrong with a red lip in the case of a black and white outfit. Keeping the eyes simple (just a tiny bit of black pencil liner, smudged) and you’re good. And  now that I’ve tried it once, I think I’ll be a lot more open to trying it in the future.

P.S. I am experimenting with a watermark to add protection to my photographs.

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