City of Canals

Yes, we are still talking about my summer.

Place #3 on my Italian vacation was the City of Canals, Venice. It is as beautiful as the pictures on Lonely Planet. The main mode of transport is by water taxi, and speedboat. All the little roads, and lanes lead to the canal. Houses are painted in bright colours, so it’s a great location for photographs. Plus, this is home to the gondola ride.

I also had the chance to check out (a part of) the Biennale, an art exhibition in Venice which takes place every two years. Exhibit in point, Jenny Holzer’s “War Paintings”, a moving set of paintings, based on “declassified and other sensitive U.S. government documents concerning the global War on Terror that followed the events of September 11, 2001, as well as the United States military operations in Afghanistan an Iraq. Holzer’s paintings are drawn from memoranda, planning maps, diplomatic communiqués, interrogation records, autopsy reports, and the handwritten cri de coer of detainees themselves”. (source)

Needless to say, the exhibit was striking, and the stories shared shook me to the core. Make sure you go to Venice during the Biennale for a chance to see and appreciate art that moves you.

I also got to go to Murano, Burano, and Torcello islands. The only downer was the rain. Venice remained a little depressing and grey all over the two brief days I was there.

Scroll for snapshots of my trip!






venice16Wearing Forever 21 top, Calvin Klein Jeans denim, Mango trench, Nikes, Pieces Vero Moda scarf, Thames bag, Tommy Hilfiger watch.
venice14 venice6






Wearing Mango shirt dress, Forever 21 tights, everything else repeated

Next up, the stunning Lake Como, and the most fashionable city in the world. See you on Sunday!

8 thoughts on “City of Canals

  1. Awesome pictures! I wish I would have rode a gondola when I was in Venice. If you are looking for any ideas of where to go in Italy, Iwould highly suggest trying to make it to the Amalfi coast during your time in Italy. It’s a little expensive, but the views were absolutely amazing! Check out my blog for some pictures of the amalfi coast 🙂

    (my cover photo is me sitting on a ledge over looking the Amalfi coast!)

    1. Hey Matt! Thanks for the tip. We had to choose between Amalfi and Como and we went with Como. Oh well, there’s always another trip!
      Thanks for reading and I’ll check out your blog 🙂

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