Endless Summer

September in Madras is supposed to be the start of slightly cooler weather, and a bit of rain.

Unfortunately for us, this month has just been like May all over again. Summer just seems endless, which means fashion choices involving anything skinny-fit/multiple-layered will have to wait until the monsoon rolls around. But that doesn’t mean simple, two-piece outfits have to be boring!


Deconstructed, the outfit is a cropped eyelet top + printed wide leg pants + white sandals.
Wide leg pants are slimmer than palazzos, but more flared than straight leg pants. You get a lot of them online these days, check out Jabong/Forever 21 online for more.


A side braid shows off the neckline details + a pop of pink-coral for fun.


I am in love with this top + pant combination because of the cut of the pieces. They are perfect for summer because they don’t stick to your skin. Simple details such as the eyelets (those little holes you see near the neckline) + a small ornamental print
tie the outfit together.


Eye-let you see my remote shutter (huehue)


Comfortable, white sandals are a staple your wardrobe didn’t know it was missing.
I recommend buying a pair; I wear these to college very often.


My watch & delicate layered necklaces are my accessories of choice. I love this style of necklace–
the slim chains add interest, and are gorgeously subtle. It plays off the light vibe of the eyelet details.


Since these pants aren’t as billowing as palazzos, they strike the right balance with the breezy top.
The silhouette doesn’t overwhelm even though they are wide-legged.


I swapped out my regular black eyeliner with a blue pencil eyeliner, and winged it out to add a twist on my regular liner.
This is such an easy & effective trick to jazz up your eyes without much effort- a pencil liner is WAY easier to handle
than a liquid liner.

I mixed a light coral Lakme + bright red-pink L’Oreal lipstick to get the colour just like I wanted. It isn’t too cool-toned or bright, but it’s playful.


Outfit details: Top from Forever 21 (layered over a tube top), pants, sandals & necklace from H&M, watch from Hilfiger.

Hope you guys liked the post & have a wonderful week ahead! ~

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