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Kurti: Westside; Leggings: UNIQLO; Scarf: Vero Moda Pieces; Shoes: Myntra

Mixing prints is something I’ve not done much (or at all). There’s always a vague sense of “will I look like a textile factory explosion okay I do let me just wear my good old kurti again”. Going to a single sex college is also an excuse to not try something new because we get lazy and other girls do understand that some days, we just can’t make an effort. Hence, we resort to tried-and-true combinations of colour and style.

For me, dressing up is something I like to do, even on days when I’m stretched for time. Mixing prints takes a little more deliberation but a chance combination of a dotted print and paisley leggings later, I realised it was way easier than I thought.

Key to mixing prints? Stay in the same colour family. Grey works beautifully for this, so do shades of blue. You’re also better off sticking to similar shades of a colour (for example, light grey or a bright blue) than mixing darks and lights. Smaller prints are also helpful.

College dress code pushes me to wear only kurtis and this one from Westside has silver embroidery which is simple and not too dressy. The pair of leggings from UNIQLO are one of my favourite pieces of clothing, and its paisley print plays off the silver on the kurti. Pairing two prints like these is easy because they match and don’t look like you pulled clothes on in a daze. The third print is where things get dodgy. You want something that doesn’t scream for attention, yet has enough visibility as a print so that the outfit isn’t bogged down by a solid colour. The scarf’s print is basically dots but with a more animal-esque feel. It’s a perfect addition to the array of small prints all over the outfit.

Nude flats as usual finish the outfit off & to make the greys a little brighter, I went for a hot pink lip. Another great rule of thumb is to stick to cool shades throughout an outfit. A red lip here would’ve been a miss, at best, especially if it was more orange-red. But more on that later.

Mix prints. Go on, take a risk.

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