Modern ways to wear Tulle Skirts

On a whim of sorts, my sister bought me a grey tulle skirt from Jabong. She was having a phase where she loved them, and decided to spread the love to me. Needless to say, with a salwar-only dress code at college + not too much of a life outside of it, I never got too much wear out of it. The whole concept seemed to be unwearable in general.


However, the perfect way to pair it ended up being with another whim of a purchase — a crop top in a flamingo print. I only bought it because it was longer than the general crop top variety and hence wearable in a place like Chennai.

The pairing makes the skirt super suitable for the day, while still retaining its femininity.




A closer look at the accessories — I went with a messy bun (tbh it became messy because damn Chennai humidity) and a simple headband, a studded handbag for some edge, and my watch as usual. Sparkly shoes because a tulle skirt’s vibe is contagious.



Honestly, there are so many ways to wear a tulle skirt — it seems like an impractical thing to own, and in some ways, that’s true. But it’s quite versatile, especially in a dove grey.


Skirt: Lola Sky; Top: Robinsons (Bangkok); Headband: Forever21; Shoes: Pavers England; Watch: Tommy Hilfiger; Handbag: Guess

Some colour pairing/outfit ideas I found on the treasure trove of the internet!


Grey on grey is one of the best ways to wear this colour — it adds depth and elegance to an outfit if you dress in shades of the same colour, no matter what the colour is.


A feminine combination, pastel pink and dove grey makes for a sweet pairing, and perfectly suited for the day.


I’m a huge sucker for stripes, and this outfit by Merrick’s Art ticks all the right boxes for me! You could ditch the jacket and just go for a striped top and black accessories, or you could wear a denim shirt instead with a tulle skirt — both will work extremely well.


A classy evening pairing, black and grey exudes elegance. Accessorised with either antique gold elements (like a belt or choker) or a gorgeous berry lip, your tulle skirt just got elevated to a whole new level.

As usual, repeating pieces of clothing is the BEST way to be sustainable and get the most out of what you already own. I like putting outfits out as colour combinations — that way, you can adjust what I’ve said to suit what you already own, instead of buying 10 extra things. Bottom line, don’t go out and buy clothing from sustainable brands when you already have enough clothes — use what you have. It’s more affordable, and better for everyone around you!

Thoughts on tulle? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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