#throwbackoutfit: overalls

Overalls: River Island; Crew neck tee: Gap; Shoes: Sperrys Top Sider; Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

When I was a kid, my mom used to dress me up in dungarees, and overalls a lot. Mind you, this was a phase where I had a pixie head of hair, so the outfit led to a lot of “how old is your little boy?” questions directed to her. I loved denim overalls though. Fast forward to now, and that hasn’t changed too much.

The overalls trend came back last year, and a slew of them took over the market. It didn’t make much of a splash in the Indian market, but I can see many stores (especially online) carrying rompers, and short denim overalls. I think it’s a cute trend, but not in the childish way.

These polka dot overalls were a present from my sister, and I love them. I went with a classic white crew neck, but I’m definitely thinking of wearing a button-down in a bright colour, or even a blouse with exaggerated sleeves. The print makes it a little difficult to pair with any statement pieces— in that sense, denim, and plain overalls are more forgiving. Topped off with a pair of boat shoes, and tadaa, you don’t look like a child! 

While buying a pair of overalls, make sure you try them on— fit is incredibly important. Most pairs have a straight cut leg, so it’s important to balance that out with a well-fitting hip and torso area. You should be able to move around, sit, and stand comfortably. However, an increasingly trendy way to wear denim overalls is to choose a relaxed + distressed pair, with a striped tee, and white sneakers.

All photos were taken in the beautiful Hill Country, Kodaikanal resort, by my sister, where not many people saw a 19 year old sit on children’s swing sets.

Thanks for reading & hope you have a lovely week ahead!

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