Sundaze with Moderas #1

Hello and welcome to Sundaze with Moderas, where I share top-of-mind thoughts, videos, links, interesting reads that I came across during the week, for you to read on your Sunday. They will primarily be centered around sustainability, fashion, and design, but it could be anything, really! I had asked my followers if they’d like an email newsletter or a blog feature – they chose the latter. But if you would like a dose of interesting reads on a lazy Sunday delivered to your inbox – I’m still figuring it out, so watch this space.

Since this is the first time I’m doing this, please leave me feedback in the comments section or through DMs on my Instagram! Your help will help me.

What’s on my mind?

I’ve been working for about a year now and while I’m getting better at working and picking up concepts in general, the procrastination does not seem to quit. It eases up in bits and pieces, helping me to be more productive, but there are still days where I feel like I can be more organised and collected. My phone continues to be a huge time-suck for me and I really have to figure that out.

I’m getting back to using my planner to map my day and set my tasks. I find that it works for me to give me direction, and helps me to not forget. But mostly, I just have to sit down, put music on, and finish the work without getting distracted. It’s a work in progress.

The best thing I watched this week

I scroll through comments on feminist Instagram and Facebook accounts as a habit, to see what kind of arguments would come up because even the truest posts will have someone coming to counter everything that has been claimed based on their view of “reality”. It was refreshing and powerful to see this TED talk by Justin Baldoni, on how he’s sick of being man enough. I think everyone, regardless of age or gender should watch this, and then share it with everyone they know and ask them to watch it too.

The economics of sustainability

If it makes economic sense to use sustainable alternatives, then why aren’t we doing it? And by economic sense, it’s not just welfare-based but $26 trillion dollars worth of net savings across the world. This Vox article gave an updated world view on the economics of sustainability, and how we need it now more than ever. Read it here.

A cool brand I found…

Have you heard of Korra Jeans? They’re an Indian denim brand creating sustainable and ethical apparel for men and women. And they don’t use the terms loosely. Not only is every single material (down to the threads) sourced consciously, they also aim to reduce waste through design, don’t use water in the making process, and each pair is produced by one person from start to finish (Single Tailor Sewn). And they take your jeans back for repair in case it needs to be.

photo from the Korra blog

You can read their entire process on their blog. It blew my mind and made me resolve that I’d buy only their jeans next. I’m eyeing their denim midi skirt, and hope it comes back in stock soon.


That’s all from me for this Sunday! I hope this gave you some interesting reads and tidbits. More to come. Questions? Feedback? Reach out to me in the comments.

Featured photo by Eea Ikeda on Unsplash, Typography by me. 

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