Sundaze with Moderas #2

Hello and welcome to Sundaze with Moderas, where I share top-of-mind thoughts, videos, links, interesting reads that I came across during the week, for you to read on your Sunday. They will primarily be centered around sustainability, fashion, and design, but it could be anything, really! I had asked my followers if they’d like an email newsletter or a blog feature – they chose the latter. But if you would like a dose of interesting reads on a lazy Sunday delivered to your inbox – I’m still figuring it out, so watch this space.

This week, it’s a reading-heavy Sunday, with articles & book recommendations in all my areas of interest – feminism, fashion ethics, reading, and more. Scroll on!

What’s on my mind?

How is 2018 nearing a close so soon? It feels like nothing has happened this year, but many things have. I had big plans for the blog this year and it is disappointing that I didn’t see them through. Hopefully in the time I have left of 2018, I can make the most of it. October has World Mental Health Day, so I’m excited to look out for & feature great initiatives at that time. Plus, I want to put some editorial content out on the blog – multiple ways to style your basic kurtis, anyone? Let me know 🙂

Fashion to Die For: A must-read


photo via the BOF website

The Business of Fashion magazine & website is a popular and reliable source of news and reporting for the fashion industry. This month, they put Kalpona Akter, a workers’ activist in Bangladesh on their cover, and her feature article takes you through the garment industry in Bangladesh, including the realities of sexual & physicalabuse that female workers face, and Kalpona’s tireless struggle for better conditions. 

“There’s no doubt we need these jobs. [The question is] do we need them at any cost?” – Kalpona

If you don’t read/click through anything else in this post, that’s okay, but please read this article & remember that there are real people behind your clothing.

Podcasting this week

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I managed to squeeze in a quick podcast when I was cooking, which was an episode of Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. Every episode re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, a song—and asks whether we analysed it the right way. I heard the first episode of Season 1, which discusses the curious case of the artist behind a popular painting, The Roll Call, and how she disappeared after the success. 

Weaving feminism, and the concept of moral licensing (which is a concept I didn’t know of), and taking that lesson into the case of Julia Gillard, former PM of Australia, it was thought-provoking. You can hear the episode here – perfect while you run your errands or prep your meals. The link also provides more reading documents & he has three seasons’ worth of content for your hearing pleasure.

What’s on my bookshelf?

photo via

I’m currently reading Thinking Fast & Slow, for possibly the 5th time – I never finished it or got past 150 pages in my first 4 tries. The book continues to surprise me every time, in every chapter. I’m starting to prefer non-fiction over fiction thanks to such gems.

The book explores concepts of behavioural economics, written in a manner that does not alienate non-economics graduates. The author is now my idol. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a non-fiction read.

Heard of an Instagram bookshelf?

photo via


The New York Public Library (NYPL) recently began posting pages of novels to its Instagram stories (aptly called InstaNovels). They stated it to be a “reimagining of Instagram Stories to provide a new platform for iconic stories”. The first novel they’ve posted is Alice in Wonderland, illustrated by designer Magoz. 

I began reading the novel on Instagram yesterday (yes I often read multiple things at the same time), and I’m enamoured by the idea of consuming classic novel content in its true form but in a modern medium. I love how the stories are designed and animated mindfully, with a space to hold your thumb to make the story freeze for reading.

Check out the NYPL’s Instagram account here (the stories are on the highlights) & read more about the initiative here.


That’s all from me for this Sunday! I hope this gave you some interesting reads and tidbits. More to come. Questions? Feedback? Reach out to me in the comments.

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  1. Varsha, I’m really enjoying this series of posts (I hope that motivates you to keep going) and I especially like the links that you curate. I love listening to podcasts while I commute or cook, and I’m going to check out the Malcom Gladwell one. Thank you.

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