Sundaze with Moderas #3

Hello and welcome to Sundaze with Moderas, where I share top-of-mind thoughts, videos, links, interesting reads that I came across during the week, for you to read on your Sunday. They will primarily be centered around sustainability, fashion, and design, but it could be anything, really! I had asked my followers if they’d like an email newsletter or a blog feature – they chose the latter. But if you would like a dose of interesting reads on a lazy Sunday delivered to your inbox – I’m still figuring it out, so watch this space.

This week, we take a look at the future of art, fashion inspiration, a throwback, and more.

What’s on my mind?

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Why are small brands not pushing for recyclable/reusable packaging? This is one of the easiest ways to make people reuse packaging & not think of it as disposable.

So brands, if you’re listening (especially beauty and skincare brands) – when you sell something to your customer, give them a return label/receipt, and when they post it or bring it back in store, refill the product for them and give them 10% off on the product.

It’s funny that sustainability and reducing plastic packaging isn’t yet a priority for many brands, including the small ones that keep popping up everywhere, where it’s actually easier because you start small. Brands use plastic on plastic on plastic because it makes economic sense. Incentivising people to return + reuse actually makes sense too, because it could be a public good.

Thought for the week

P.S. You can save this as your wallpaper! It’s optimised for that 🙂

If you’re bored of your wardrobe…

Don’t go shop (!!) but look for inspiration on how to wear what you have differently.

This week, I’m inspired by Jenny Walton, fashion illustrator at The Sartorialist.

Photo via Jenny Walton’s Instagram @jennymwalton

This incredible graphic print skirt would’ve made a statement with just a white tee, but she added a dazzling silver coat too. I would’ve never thought of this pairing!

How do you translate it to everyday wear? Take a colourful skirt or top and wear it with a plain tee or plain pants, respectively. Then, add accessories of a single colour, which match with a colour in your skirt or top (i.e. if there’s a bit of yellow in your skirt, go with a yellow bag or yellow earrings).

Photo via Jenny Walton’s Instagram @jennymwalton

An easier outfit to translate to everyday wear, this floral print is paired with a brown fuzzy sweater, burgundy heels and a pastel pink round bag. It’s not all matched, but the colours are all complementary (i.e. close to each other on the colour wheel). The fuzzy sweater’s texture adds visual interest. Rose gold earrings add bling.

You can easily work this pairing into your wardrobe. Floral top, cream pants, and a maroon lip would give a similar effect.

And more inspiration beckons: I’ve written about 5 fresh colour combinations for festive occasions before – and these pairings could extend to your everyday wardrobe too so go on, check it out, and try something new with your outfit this week!

A video I loved this week:

Have you thought about how the internet affects how we consume art? I hadn’t, until this video, which speaks about the future of how we interact with art, and the surprising downside of Instagramming everything.

“Popups figured out that there was a business to be made out of the photograph-ability, even if it wasn’t attached to a well known artist. Now, the explosive success of these pop-ups is making museums rethink how they do things.

And lastly, a throwback

Matilda at the British Library in one of Quentin Blake’s new sketches. Photograph: Penguin Random House

I grew up on a steady diet of books, and one of my favourite authors was Roald Dahl (give me a +1 in the comments if you are too!)

Last week, Matilda, one of the first characters I read about and still love, would have turned 30. While Dahl is unfortunately not alive anymore, Quentin Blake, the illustrator of most of his books, has created a series of illustrations depicting what Matilda would look like at 30. Hit me right in the feels. Read it here


And that’s all for this week! What was your favourite feature from this week? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Sundaze with Moderas #3

  1. The Roald Dahl section is super cool. I liked that highlight the best . I’d add that in my week in yet to see a good highlight. It wasn’t exactly a down week but not all that uplifting too. The workout scheduled were all messed and I couldn’t wake up on time ever. Let’s see. Thanks for the ear .

    1. Ah, been there! Weeks always have their ups and downs, and some of them just leave us with nothing to write home about. Glad you liked the Roald Dahl section 🙂

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