Sundaze with Moderas #6

Hello and welcome to Sundaze with Moderas, where I share top-of-mind thoughts, videos, links, interesting reads that I came across during the week, for you to read on your Sunday. They will primarily be centered around sustainability, fashion, and design, but it could be anything, really! I had asked my followers if they’d like an email newsletter or a blog feature – they chose the latter. But if you would like a dose of interesting reads on a lazy Sunday delivered to your inbox – I’m still figuring it out, so watch this space.

What’s on my mind?


In case you missed it, I published a post on 6 easy ways to reduce plastic waste in your everyday life earlier this week.

Apart from that, I’m trying to figure out how to post more without sacrificing a Sunday roundup post. It feels difficult because I only have time to post on weekends and creating two posts back to back on a weekend doesn’t make sense to me. Since Sundaze has become routine, I am seeing how I can get a post in on a weekday every once in a while. What do you think? Should I keep doing these Sundaze posts? Let me know in DMs/comments.

Bunkar Project: Know your artisans

Harsh, one of my acquaintances on Instagram, and a person deeply invested in artisans & traditional clothing, did a story a couple of months ago with the Kala Swaraj foundation, lending a face to the weavers who create beautiful handlooms in the town of Maheshwar. In a world where we barely know who made our clothes, the stories and photographs lend a human touch, while celebrating tradition. Check out the entire story on the Kala Swaraj Foundation website, and click through on each photo to read about the weaver.

You can follow the Kala Swaraj foundation on their Instagram here & follow the cool projects Harsh works on relating to sustainability & artisans, on his Instagram here. The Kala Swaraj foundation also sells their handwoven cloth on their website.

My favourite video this week

Yes, I consume a lot of video content weekly, and this time, I found a YouTube channel that’s funny, relatable, AND is concerned about sustainable fashion! That’s a win in my books. Check out Ashley’s channel here, and a great video on putting together outfits below. I love how she breaks down her thinking process, which gives us principles to put outfits together in the future.

For example, instead of just pairing two things because they look good, she tells us why she pairs the two items, and we can apply her line of thinking in the future to other items as well.

Are you looking for a sustainability newsletter?

To be honest, I’m sure there are tons out there, but I love the Pelacase newsletter. Pelacase is probably one of the coolest brands I can think of, who make biodegradable phone cases which you can compost yourself! Their cases are made of a flax-based bioplastic, with a cool speckled pattern that makes each case unique. You can sign up on their website for their email newsletter, which is a roundup of stories, videos, and advice on sustainable living. [scroll to the bottom of the page!]

The one thing that changed how I travel 

clearly my graphic design skills were limited back then

I’m traveling all of next week to a lovely place for the first time, and one of the techniques that has changed how I travel + dress on trips is planning my outfits based on the agenda. I actually created a three-part series of posts on this topic, that covered planning your packing, accessories, beauty & toiletries, and using handbags as survival kits. I still religiously follow most (if not all!) of that advice every time I travel. You can check out The Moderas Guide to Packing with the links above.

Lastly, some interesting news

photo courtesy

Looks like we needed Swedish solutions to Indian pollution! Ikea, which recently made waves in India with its Hyderabad store, is also investing in a pollution-free future in India. “The initiative, called “Better Air Now,” will provide Indian farmers with a use for unwanted rice straw, which is often burned. Smoke from the fires is one of the major contributors to northern India’s pollution crisis.”

Read the entire article here.


And that’s all from me! Which was your favourite feature from this roundup? Let me know in the comments. And if you have any feedback/suggestions/inputs for next week, let me know as well.  

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