Summer’s lighter layers

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Shirt- Uniqlo; Cardigan- Mango; Trousers- Allen Solly; Shoes & tank top- Forever 21; Bag- Lavie; Sunglasses- Ray Ban; Watch- Hilfiger

Chennai’s back to its hot & humid days, and I couldn’t be happier (sort of). I cannot stand the cold, and even though temperatures don’t drop below 20C, it was still a weird couple of months. But now everything’s fine, and back to normal so that’s good. I will still complain about the humidity in a later post, though.

Location changed AGAIN (I’m proud of this), with my awesome best friend taking my pictures (thanks Ananya!). Bombay Brasserie has beautiful exteriors and interiors– especially that greenhouse-like structure, which is an oven in the late afternoons, but nevertheless. The blues and greens were especially ‘summery’, and it was a nice change of pace for me.

To herald a hotter summer than before, I chose lightweight fabrics, and easy layers, to keep the outfit interesting. The cardigan can be omitted, no big deal. But you’ll survive even if you wear it because we aren’t in peak summer yet. I think the cream + black polka dot print as seen on this cardigan makes for an unusually great combination with this light lime green linen shirt.

The shirt, which has 3/4th sleeves, spares you the trouble of rolling it up perfectly. Linen is wonderful because it has a bit of stiffness to it, which makes the cut of the shirt look a little more polished, in comparison to a regular cotton shirt. Plus, it’s lightweight, which makes it really comfortable. I didn’t button it up fully, since I had a matching tank top inside; this makes it look more relaxed.

I usually save the trousers for a formal event but the cropped length is hugely flattering for all occasions– it makes me look taller! I paired it with neutral metallic sandals, which matched with this sling bag (part of the Lavie 4-in-one bag); matching your shoes with your bag is never a bad idea.

Add bright lips (they’re becoming my ‘thing’; I’m wearing Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Dressing, numerous dupes probably available), a pair of sunglasses, and there you have it– an easy summer look that looks polished but doesn’t seem like you made too much effort.

Happy hotter days, and may the air conditioner be ever in your favour.

5 thoughts on “Summer’s lighter layers

  1. Let’s say one makes the hasty decision of buying basketball shoes because, I couldn’t find the normal tennis shoes I opt for riding bikes (because my size is 10 / 11)… And let’s say I got this shoe at the same price tag: 😐

    I’m clueless on how to match this shoe with my apparel which is mostly 3 jeans – black, black and ice blue… and a lot of t-shirts (casual)… How do I match the colours with my new red shoes… any advice?

    1. (Did not sign in, sorry)
      OOH. That’s a tough one. Those are some really sexy shoes though.
      I would suggest simple pairing. Use solid colours and discreet prints (small gingham, etc) while wearing. Wear black or dark blue trousers, and tees that don’t have loud slogans that seek attention. You want the shoes to do all the talking. You might find these shoes versatile– I have a friend who has blue and black Nike high tops and they were suprisingly very wearable! You can wear it with button down shirts too, I bet. Classic colour combinations – black jeans + white (print) shirt, black jeans + red, black shirt + light blue jeans.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Yeah, a lot of people compliment the shoe, I feel left alone as is… So I got my head buzzed…

    Funny thing is all my rock t-shirts have slogans, loud ones or not so loud… but slogans / printed… I get the idea though… Thank You! 🙂

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